Helping hand

Every Saturday morning is pretty much the same around here: up by 8 to get the laundry in the washers before other people in our building grab them, step out for some bagels for breakfast and then fold and put away the laundry. We normally set the clothes and the baby on our bed to do this, and it always ends with us trying to stop the baby from throwing our clothes everywhere. She claims she's helping us, but we're sure she's just testing our patience.

This past weekend, however, mom was sick and needed the bed all to herself. So, we quarantined her like an alien with a glowing finger, threw some Reese's Pieces and a Speak n' Spell at her for food and entertainment, and then moved the laundry out to the living room. I dropped the clean clothes on the floor, and the baby started hurling them around like it was her sole purpose in life. I started folding clothes, and the next thing you know she's doing this:

How about that? Standing up (yes I know the couch helped, I bribed it to), bending down, throwing things. She's a natural. Too bad after I shot this video she missed a step and face planted into the pile of clothes to her right. Poor her, right? How about poor me for not filming longer to capture that too. I tried asking her to do that take over, but she told me to get a stunt double. Kids I tell ya.

P.S. I know you're thinking, "Why didn't he shoot this in landscape mode?" I'll try to remember that next time. But honestly our living room isn't some scenic vista, so you're not missing much. Except for that patch of redwoods we planted last year that the sun glints off of in the morning and at night. That shit is awesome..